Welcome to Supernova IC Website. This document describes the terms of service ("Terms") and the Privacy Policy (“Privacy”) for Supernova IC’s website (the "Service" or “Website”). By using the service in any platform: Mobile ("Mobile") or Website ("Internet-based Service"), you agree to the following Terms.

1. Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. We collect some information for statistical purposes. This information includes: Your browser, your configured language and the place from which you are connecting to the internet. This information is collected with the sole purpose of getting to know our audience better and design better products for you.

Personally Identifiable Information (PPI) is collected only in the case you fill in and submit the Contact Form (“Contact” section in the website). The information we collect through this form includes: Your “Name”, “Email” and any other information included in the “Message” field.

The collection and storage of PPI is outsourced, being our vendor EmailMeForm. We use the service provided by EmailMeForm in accordance with their Privacy Policy and their Terms of Service.

How we use personal data.

The data collected through our contact form is used to:

  1. Establish the contact with potential clients
  2. Gather feedback about the use of our applications and services
  3. Keep contact with old and permanent clients

Your rights to access your information

You are entitled to -at any time- request:

  1. The retrieval of the PPI we store, including any individual submission of the contact form or the entirety of the information submitted by you.
  2. The deletion of the PPI we store, including any individual submission of the contact form or the entirety of the information submitted by you.
  3. The modification of the PPI we store, including any individual submission of the contact form or the entirety of the information submitted by you.

We care about your privacy, therefore we provide you these rights immediately and completely free.

Please note that these rights apply exclusively to YOUR submissions. You are not entitled to access information submitted a by third person.

2. Code of Conduct

By making use of the Service, you agree to the following code of conduct:

  1. Do not try to do anything illegal.
  2. Do not use false information in your account and do not share false information.
  3. Do not engage in activity that violates the privacy or data protection rights of others.
  4. Do not help others break these rules.

If you violate these Terms, we may; at our own discretion, block you from the use of the Service.

3. Software License

This license gives you right to:

  1. Browse the site periodically and make use of the contents displayed on it.
  2. Share the contents of the site and re-use them for non-commercial purposes.

This license does not give you the right to:

  1. circumvent or bypass any technological protection measures in or relating to the software or Service;
  2. disassemble, decompile, decrypt, hack, emulate, exploit, or reverse engineer the Application or the Internet-based Service;
  3. publish, copy, rent, lease, sell, export, import, distribute, or lend the Application; use the Service in any unauthorized way that could interfere with anyone else’s use of them or gain access to any data;
  4. enable access to the Service, including the Internet-based Service by unauthorized third-party applications, unless a written permission to do so has been issued.

4. Service Availability

The Service might be unavailable from time to time. Our Internet-based Service might suffer occasional disruptions and outages, and Supernova is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result.

5. Content


The content displayed in the website is either

  1. Under the copyright of Supernova IC
  2. Used under licenses of free use, distribution and/or modification

In case of (ii), the respective license will be shown under the resource.


The content displayed in the website is created to the best knowledge of the authors and according to the specific circumstances of the time it was created. The authors endeavour purposefully in the creation of the most objective, correct and accurate content possible. However, from time to time, there might be a possibility of unintentional errors. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.